Currently, Kickflip logic rules need to be set up individually, one at a time. This is fine for a few dozen rules, but very time-consuming (and error-prone) for a few hundred or thousand, not to mention having to repeat the whole process manually for a second product.
Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Google Merchent Centre and other platforms allow you to download an existing or template CSV with headings, add data to the CSV, then upload the CSV as a bulk upload which is then processed.
I would love a similar feature in Kickflip. For example the CSV might have 8 columns:
1) rule_ID (so that Kickflip knows what current rule that row relates to)
2) status (eg active, delete)
3) condition_subject (eg the Question name)
4) condition_operator (eg is, is not, is one of)
5) condition_value (eg the Answer name or list of Answer names separated by commas)
6) action_subject (eg the Question name)
7) action_operator (eg is, is not, is one of)
8) action_value (eg the Answer name or list of Answer names separated by commas)
The user could then:
1) Download current logic rules to CSV, one row per rule. If there are no current rules, the CSV will just contain headers. Any current rules will have status = 'active'.
2) Edit the CSV, for example:
  • change the status of an existing rule to 'delete' to remove that rule
  • edit any of the conditions or actions for an existing rule
  • add new rows for new rules (without specifying a rule_ID)
3) Upload the new CSV to Kickflip:
  • all data is validated (eg checks that the CSV contains correct headers, contains no duplicates, contains Question and Answer values which actually exist etc)
  • any rows with an existing rule_ID and status = 'delete' are removed from Kickflip logic
  • any rows with an existing rule_ID and are different to the current rule on Kickflip logic are updated according to the CSV
  • any new rows (ie those without an existing rule_ID) are checked that that rule does not already exist in Kickflip, and if so, adds that new rule to Kickflip
Such a functionality would be incredibly useful to me and I'm sure many others :)